It is already the 9th month of 2015, and it is worth wondering about how far one’s business have gone in terms of achieving its goals such as web traffic, conversions, and search engine results ranking. If like majority of business owners, the online competition has not been favourable for you, it pays to realize that there are still 3 more months left to recuperate from your financial losses and make your way on top of the search engine results. Now, can one seriously still make it successfully within a span of three months? You bet!

To accomplish your business goals, it is crucial to look back on all the SEO strategies you have used. The fact that you are still struggling with your business says something about your SEO strategies. I hate to burst your bubble, but you are definitely doing it the wrong way. Now, it’s time for a quick fix.

Here are 5 SEO strategies to keep you from being the underdog in the online competition:

1. Have a mobile-responsive design

In May 2014, the use of mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets) in browsing websites and doing online activities has jumped to 60% from 50% in 2013. This number is continuously growing with technology companies coming up with newer mobile models at affordable prices. This is actually why mobiles are deemed as the core of SEO.

Google has seen this trend and favoured websites that are mobile-responsive. With this, business owners configured their websites to qualify for the increasing online competition. Now, if you are among the few ones who still did not take that leap to go mobile-friendly too, then you are missing a chunk of income for your business. If you are adept with web design and development, perhaps you can do it yourself, but if not, it is suggested that you outsource this task. Just make sure that the web designer or developer that you’re going to hire knows what he is doing because you don’t want to be part of those who lost 68% of smartphone traffic due to configuration errors.

It is also not enough to have a mobile-responsive website. Make sure that the site loads fast too because Google hates slow-loading websites. Google loves above-the-fold-content loaded under 1 second. Take note of this because slow loading seriously impacts rankings.

2. Don’t just focus on Google, optimize for Yahoo and Bing too

More and more search engines apart from Google are becoming the default web browsers. While Google makes up the biggest pie, be mindful of the traffic that you can get from other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. This is the right time to tap these channels, and in time, the results will be favourable.

3. Work on link building

When search engines start to craw web pages, the links serve as the bridge across pages. Links help search engine identify how and what way the pages are related to one another. Nowadays, links are not just bases of popularity, but are also metrics for authority, trust, and spam. By linking to trustworthy websites, your site increases its trustworthiness as well.

4. Know what type of content works

You might be fed up with the maxim “Content is king”, but this is the truth especially when it comes to SEO success. Content serves as the solid foundation of all your other SEO efforts. Search engines love quality and fresh content, so instead of focusing on the quantity, work on making your content relevant and helpful. However, it is not just necessary to write and post quality content. One must also be able to identify the type of content that works. Do this by studying the content that your leading competitors post. This will somehow give you an idea with your own content.

5. Explore new keywords

Don’t limit yourself with keywords that you have been using for quite some time now. Get creative. Make use of Google’s keyword planner or related searches. However, don’t just play around with keywords. Analyze your keywords carefully and use the ones that have potentials to put you on top of search engine results.

In A Wrap

True enough, nobody can master SEO in a day. It’s an incessant learning process. It changes with time so you have to constantly adapt. The going may get tough, but with the right SEO strategies, you will be able to take down even your biggest competitors. I’d like to borrow Moz Founder, Rand Fishkin’s words, “The best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy,” which I think is what Brooklyn SEO exactly does. Using SEO does not only benefit the website owner, but also provides great user experience, which is after all, the primary reason why you will succeed. With these 5 SEO strategies, you still can make the most out of 2015.

Brooklyn SEO Experts Tips – Categories And Tags For SEO

In the blogging sphere, categories and tags have amassed tremendous importance for two reasons. First, these two taxonomical elements vastly improve the user experience of any blog and with improved user experience, traffic to the blog improves tremendously. To put this into perspective, the use of tags and categories improves the classification of information and thereby improves the navigation in any blog. This makes it easy to find content that draws mass traffic to blogs.

As impressive as the above use of tags and categories sounds, it is the use of categories and tags for SEO purposes that have entrenched its popularity in the blogging world. Their use has created an opportunity for bloggers to improve their visibility in search engines results. Proper and strategic use of categories and tags can thrust traffic to a blog to astronomical heights. With this in mind, it is the intention of the vast majority to horn their skills in the deployment of tags and categories.

Herein is a look at the some of the best practices in the use of categories and tags for SEO. With regard to this topic, prominent questions asked include; which of the two tools is the best options? ; Where and when should tags or categories be used? Among other questions. However, to adequately answer this two questions, one must have an in-depth understanding of what tags and categories are.


Categories are grouping tools that are deployed to categorize content broadly. They provide a table of content type of structure with which readers can search for content in the blog. By adding sub-categories, related posts can be grouped together. Additionally, they give an identity of the blog by providing an overview of the content of the blog.


Tags, on the other hand, provide the specifics of every post. They give a detailed description pertaining a specific post.

How To Categories And Tags For SEO


Assuming that we all have read books and appreciate the value of a table of content, then understanding why we need to have categories is very easy. Categories, just like a table of content, act as an easy to understand and use navigation tool on any site. However, when using categories for SEO purposes, there are some modifications that need to be done.

The first being that the title of categories must be the keyword of the content in that category. One way of doing it is by using broad keywords for categories and very specific keywords for sub-categories.

Secondly, the use of categories should not offer clustered keyword. Keywords should come off as natural as possible. This improves the readability of content on the site and makes it very easy for the reader to locate the information they want.

Finally, it is important to categorize everything. Otherwise, the added content may end up being classified in the default category of ‘Uncategorized’ or ‘Unclassified.’ Such categories negatively affect search engine optimization efforts as the content cannot be easily located.


Tags can also be used in posts that share similar content within the blog. They are thus the best option when in need of a tool to categorize content that has some similarities.

One of the more uncommon strategies of deploying tags, yet still very effective is linking tags and categories. This can be done by using tags to redirect a reader to the categories section that has similar content, within which they can explore more. This is particularly effective for SEO purposes when the tags bear keywords of the particular categories. This produces a link juice effect that enhances SEO for a blog.

However, caution should be taken to avoid creating duplicate pages. For instance, if you have a category page with content on a particular issue (for instance, jogging), avoid creating a tag page with the same content. Instead, link the tag to the category page.


From the above, it is easy to extrapolate the importance of both categories and tags. Their use with regards to SEO is complementary, and both play a critical role in improving the ranking in search engine results. It, therefore, goes without saying that both tags and categories can effectively be deployed for SEO purposes, with very positive results.

If you need better visibility online and get found on the first page of Google, contact Award Winning Brooklyn SEO Experts.

Reasons Why You Should File for Bankruptcy When You’re Too Deep in Debt

Debt is one of the unavoidable things in the world because of the increasing prices of goods in the world market. However, some people who go into debt get themselves deeper into it by circumstances and without realizing that they’re too deep down and can’t find a way out anymore. And this is where bankruptcy comes along. Many people file for bankruptcy once they realize they can’t pay off their debts anymore. So why should you file for bankruptcy?

1. You get a fresh start.

Most people who are under a tremendous amount of debt and cannot pay it feel bad about themselves. They worry about what they should do about their debts since their income is not enough to pay it off sooner. Filing for bankruptcy can help by at least lessening the debt you have. It’ll lift off part of the problem you have so you can restart your life.

2. Your credit card debt increases the longer time you take to pay it.

Credit card debts are one of the reasons why people go deep under debt. The reason is because credit card debts have interests the more time it takes you to pay the debt. Filing for bankruptcy can help resolve this issue and stop your credit card debts from accumulating as time passes.

3. You get to use your money for what you need.

If you’re like most people then you definitely need money from your income to pay off your bill, your family needs and self needs. If you file for bankruptcy, the money from your income will go to your needs and savings in the end instead of some large banks wherein you pay your debts to.

4. Creditors won’t stop trying to ask you to pay.

There isn’t any situation wherein the creditors just let the debtor free from a big amount of debt. They won’t stop asking you for your payments unless you pay if all off, you are dead, or you file for bankruptcy.

5. Your situation will get worse the longer it takes you to file for bankruptcy or pay the creditors.

The longer it takes you to file for bankruptcy, the more intense your creditors will try to get you to pay. There are cases wherein it ends in a lawsuit if it takes you really long to actually pay your debt. The interest and fees grow if you don’t pay the debt sooner. Filing for bankruptcy releases you from the possibility of having a lawsuit against you.

If you think that bankruptcy is the best option for you at the moment, check out

Gawker Files For Bankruptcy After Losing Hulk Hogan Lawsuit

Why You Should Switch to Kangen Alkaline Water

Water is the most important element for all living things. There is no doubt that it is one of the essential things for us to live and carry on with our lives. However, due to how everything has been modernized and how most of the developers rely on chemicals to produce the things we need in life, you’ll never know what is in the water unless you have it tested every time you drink it. The discovery of alkaline water has led to the opportunity to make sure that the water you drink is purified and safe for you.

According to studies, tap water is harmful due to the number of chemicals which are present in it and bottled water isn’t any different.

The chemicals enter our body and cause damage to our organs. Many diseases have spread out across the world because of drinking water without knowing that it is contaminated.

To be able to enjoy good health, you must make sure that you put purified water as one of the top priorities in your home and health lifestyle. You can achieve this by switching from your regular water to alkaline water. Because of technology, it is now possible to make your own alkaline water with the use of a special machine. Kangen Water Machine is an ionizing filter machine which will help you not only in purifying the water but also in preserving the minerals and preventing them from going to waste while undergoing the filtering process. You’ll be able to achieve purified water with all the essential minerals intact.

It will then be easier for your body to slowly get rid of the chemicals that you got from your regular water once you include alkaline water in your diet.

Your body tries to work hard to release the chemicals that it considers harmful for it so once you begin taking in alkaline water, your body won’t have to do too much work in releasing those chemicals. Thus, purified water can help your organs take it easier preventing early aging in the long run.

You shouldn’t just compromise your health with regular water which you have no idea if it is contaminated or not.

They might not have an effect now but those tiny amounts of chemicals you ingest will later on affect your health. It’s better to make sure your water is purified so you and your family can continue living a healthy life.

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Why Drink Alkaline Water? A Simple Understanding to the Benefits of Alkaline Water

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